Marketing and Communications Contract with the Trilogiq Group

The Trilogiq Group has eighteen branches worldwide, including The Tube and Bracket Company in the UK. They needed their websites, event publicity, product brochures and newsletters to be produced in fifteen different languages.

This presented several challenges, including the selection and editing of content received from branches in a variety of languages.


Once content was created and approved, word-count guidelines had to be set because agencies and branch managers would be translating the final content.

Sometimes a compromise had to be reached to accommodate the different languages. It was often a challenge to fit all of the translated content in the space available.  Important content had to be rewritten to avoid making cuts, especially for example in languages like Hungarian!


The master layouts were created in English. Once approved the content was translated.  Each of the fifteen different language layouts had to be adjusted to accommodate the translated content. This required images to be moved and resized.

News Copywriting

In most cases written news posts were provided to the 18 branches worldwide to make translations, so they could publish them locally.


Images to complement the posts were stored in the DAM Digital Assessment Management system canto/flight set up within categories and tagged. Edited and resized for each type of media.

This made it quick and easy for branches to download and use the correct images.  


Video embed codes were provided with the posts as many branches requested my help when adding videos to web pages. 

Media would be uploaded in advance to Wistia and optimised so that we could collect analytics.  


Other services provided:

  • Global website management (migration to new design and co-ordination of translated content)
  •  Copywriting website content, news post and social media management
  • Creation and management of an image and asset library
  • Evaluation of CRM, DAM systems and online tools
  • Layout and Design of marketing catalogues and merchandise assets
  • Creation and maintenance of product database app
    See for case studies and news items.


Contract with The Tube and Bracket Company (Trilogiq Group) from January 2015 to June 2018.