A small start up with a big dream

Website refurbish for Your Health Hub 

Directory and magazine website for local health and wellbeing professionals and their customers

The client has a directory website which the previous supplier had published live, without branding or removing the placeholder text. The directory, which is their only source of income was not working, turning up search results from outside the website. 

They had spent most of their budget and needed the website working as quickly as possible to secure sponsorship.  The challenge was to make the site look better, without installing a new template and to get the directory working as quickly as possible.  By adding a new directory plugin and customising the categories and tags,  I was able to get the listings organised and easy to find.  

The template was customised to incorporate  your health hub branding and pages added for posts and the magazine etc.  Recently podcasts have been added and there are plans to upgrade with further customisation to the directory, once the current crisis is over.

After a training session with the client and a volunteer in March 2020 they are more confident to do basic editing, able to add listings and news posts themselves