St Lawrence Church Fundraiser

Creating a Church at the heart of our Community

St Lawrence Church is fundraising to improve access and facilities for those with disabilities, install modern heating, create an open and flexible space for worship, welcome and hospitality, and offer space for children’s groups and others to meet.  

The design blends in with the existing building (while not pretending to be contemporary) and minimises disruption to recent graves.  It provides step free access to the exterior and to the main church building so that both spaces can be used simultaneously and easily. 


  • A meeting space for approx. 50 people which can be subdivided into three smaller spaces.
  • A small kitchen and two toilets, one with full wheelchair access.
  • An office, welcoming area and storage space,

and taking the opportunity to:

  • Install modern and energy efficient heating and lighting.
  • Provide a raised platform at the front of the church to enhance visibility and access.
  • Set out an area of informal seating at the back of church for quiet conversation.

These facilities will be available for both church and community use, either on their own or in conjunction with the main church building.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable building methods and materials,  and green energy solutions have been chosen in line with our commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030.

“The best way to preserve heritage assets for future generations is to have them well used.  Increased use of our church and new annexe will benefit the community and enhance our income, enabling us to maintain our beautiful Grade 2* listed building.”

“We began planning this project ten years ago, following a series of proposals which stretch back a further 30 years.  That’s why we’ve called our project ‘Patience’, which also happens to be the name of the mother of St Lawrence!”

Revd Charles Burch
St Lawrence Church Bovingdon

St Lawrence Church needs your help to achieve their goal.

Success will depend on gaining early gifts and establishing the willingness of local people and organisations to invest in the project at a level which demonstrates genuine congregational and community support. This will show other potential funders such as trusts and foundations that there is real local need and commitment, encouraging their own support and generosity.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of this appeal and project, please contact Anna Murkowski, Campaign Director, on 07429 607313 or by email at 

OR you can contact the vicar, Revd Charles Burch, on 01442 833298, or email him at