T-Shirt Designs

T-shirts with a positive twist that are sustainably produced.

Clothing that is not only good for the planet, but also for your mood. T-shirts and hoodies that feature fun and pun styles to make you and others smile.

Unique designs and illustrations created for t-shirts, clothing and products by Alison Haysman at Allykats Design.

Available for purchase from Allykats Clothing. allykats.co.uk

Every product is printed on demand (made one at a time), in Carbon Neutral. Safe working conditions.

High-quality products made in the most responsible ways possible, for a small footprint.  Print on demand means that it doesn’t exist until you order it. So there is no warehouses full of stuff waiting to be sold.

These are unique designs that are not mass produced.

For tailor made, bespoke designs for your business, club or just for fun get in touch 

T-shirts for Adults

T-shirts for Kids

All artwork and designs on this page have been created by Alison Haysman of Allykats Design Limited, for Allykats Clothing and are subject to copyright.