Can you help neighbours who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus?

Be a good neighbour!

If you wish to help your local community, but you are not sure how to make the first approach, please feel free to download and print out this message to post through your neighbour’s door.

The document is set up with three copies so that they can be downloaded and printed easily on A4 paper for community groups to share. Just cut along the dotted lines. Complete with your contact information, tick the relevant boxes to indicate the help you are able to offer and pop your offer of help through your neighbours’ letterbox.

Let’s spread kindness not infection!

The coronavirus / COVID-19 is contagious. Please take every precaution to protect yourself and others.

Wash your hands regularly, using the government guidelines and take hand sanitiser with you to use before and after touching the doorbell or door knocker.

Avoid physical contact by maintaining a 2m distance.  An elderly neighbour might just need to see a friendly face and have a quick chat from time to time during isolation. Be creative about keeping your distance, for example ring the doorbell and step back – to the other side of the garden gate if necessary.

Arrange a time for a phone conversation so that you can check that they are coping well and keeping in good spirits.

Leave items on the doorstep and let the person know they are there with either a text message or a call.

If you have arranged to do dog walking, make sure you work out a safe handover procedure and don’t forget to wipe the lead with an anti-bacterial gel before handing it back.

If you or anyone in your household starts to show symptoms of coronavirus, let your neighbours know that you are no longer able to help as you also need to self-isolate.  Where possible ask someone else to take over from you. This is especially important if you have been supporting an elderly or vulnerable person.

Stay home, Stay safe, Protect the NHS, Help save lives!