Website Design for Chamber of Commerce

I was commissioned by the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce in 2014 to design their new website.

The project had stalled due to communication barriers between the events team and the developers. So I was needed to help with interpreting their requirements and ideas into visual design layouts, a framework and a list of functions. I was able to brief the developers who could then proceed with a successful build.

Once it was agreed how the front end design should look and work, I helped the team to collect and rewrite the content from their old site to improve SEO. Then when the website template was ready, I managed the migration and uploading of all the content.

We also created new content, updated the branding and created templates for event advertising, presentations and print projects.

During my contract the events team were busy organising the Gala Dinner and Awards and I was able to help out by designing the programme.

Other projects included a set of pull-up event banners that could be used, individually or as a set of two, three or four, flyers and presentations for member packs and events.