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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions and answers. Please email if you have any questions not covered or would like a more detailed reply.


I have purchased a website package with a template but have no idea how to customise it; can you help me with this?

No need to panic, I can customise your template, optimise your images and edit your text within the package you have purchased.  I will also look at keywords and SEO and discuss ways to promote your website with you.

How long will it take to customise my pre-purchased website?

When you have photographs, videos and text content ready, your website can go-live in a few days. (Basic five pages) I will always give you a clear idea of time, when I know the amount of work involved in your project outline.  I can also write content, take photographs and create illustrations for your website, although this will take a little longer.

I can also help you to set up your google analytics or do this for you, and show you how to get the most from the statistics. 

Your website will evolve and grow over time, so it is a good idea to invest in a scalable solution that is mobile device friendly.

Will I be able to view my website before it goes public?

Yes I will create your website online, but keep it invisible from the public until you are completely happy for it to be published.  

Will I always have to contact you to make changes and update my website?

No; training you to independently make changes to your website is part of the package I offer. But if you still need help, that’s no problem either. 

What if I don’t have time to maintain my own website?

I can offer different levels of support to suit your requirements. Packages including full maintenance and daily/weekly updates, to arrangements for making the odd change from time to time when you are short staffed.

Can I have an area that is password protected?

Yes this can be arranged and is a very useful place to store items that staff, customers or members may wish to download frequently, such as members only information or staff time sheets, holiday request forms and rotas etc.

Full e-learning packages for your staff can be created and published in this space.

I want an online form that collects data, creates reports and sends me an email alert, is this something you can offer?

I  custom build your online forms and give you access to see responses, export to excel or csv files, and update as required.  I can also provide training so that you can manage and create your own forms and embed them on your website.

Can you offer staff training?

To discuss workplace training to maintain your website or use bespoke templates, please contact me at info@allykatsdesign.co.uk

Branding and Print

I want to create a brand, not just a logo can you help?

You can develop your brand by involving your staff and customers and monitoring  feedback . Workshops with a life coach and designer to coordinate this process can be arranged and we will help you to form a strategy for getting your message across.

Building a brand means communicating your message to your customers effectively so they immediately associate your business with their requirements.

Small and medium-sized companies can create an effective brand by examining how their business works and what it means to their customers. Then acting on the results!

I have made a rough drawing of my logo but it is not good enough for my printer to use can you help?

I am always happy to take your ideas to the next level.  I will vector draw your logo to your requirements and supply in the correct format for printing and the web.

Can you edit my photographs?

If you need something or someone removed from a photograph, or want to improve the look of an image, recolour or retouching, I have the experience to help.

Images are cropped as required and saved for web and print.

I have written content for my brochure in word format; can you design a cover, add illustrations, photographs and format it for the printer?

Layout and design services are provided to create your brochure, leaflets or annual report to industry standard and output the files ready for production.  

If you prefer to use your own print supplier, this can be accommodated, print specifications can be supplied so that you can get your own quotations for print and fulfilment of your project.

Can you arrange printing?

Printing can be supplied by one of my trusted contacts in the print industry.  I will source the best quote to ensure you get great value, results and delivery time for your project.  

Will you contact the printer on my behalf?

I am always happy to discuss your project with the printer you regularly use.

Working together

Do you offer other design services?

I also provide a business photography service, bespoke illustrations, and corporate  Christmas and greeting card design and print. No job too small.

Will you meet up with me, so that I can explain my ideas in full, face to face?

Yes, I will make an appointment to meet you and discuss your project. I will make some initial drawings, we will discuss what you are aiming to achieve and even your colour, font and design preferences etc. at this stage.  

There will be an initial consultation fee but this will be subtracted from the project invoice, when work commences.

Will you let me know the costs up front?

When you contact me to make an appointment, you will be quoted a consultation price, depending on how much you would like to cover at this stage.   It is usually around an hour, so that we can share information and you can give me a clear idea of what your project involves. I will then send you a full quotation and project outline.  Once you have signed off the project plan and agreed the quotation, and work has commenced, any initial consultation fee will be deducted from your project costs.

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