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Xcel Xecutive

Date:05 Dec, 2013

Skills:Website Design

Client:Xcel Xecutive Cleaners

Xcel Xecutive

My client Xcel Xecutive Cleaners Ltd, needed to refresh their logo and build a new website where they can direct their customers for information on products and special offers.

They wanted to use a lot of images so we came up with the idea to POP them, so visitors can click on an image and view another with more detail in its place.

The Xcel branding was refreshed by changing the original red logo with a green and blue graphic, to reflect their commitment to the environment and the environmentally friendly products the use, sell and endorse.

As the company already had an established identity, the brief was to update the design they had, in-keeping with their environmentally aware image.

Since the website was completed to their satisfaction,  an online customer hub has been created, where staff and clients can login, view and share inspection reports, health and safety information and training logs.

Staff training was provided for staff at the The Xcel Xecutive offices in Limerick, Eire. The company are now able to update and change items on their website and hub independently.


Xcelhub.info Xcel Xecutive Customer Hub, page detail. Created for customer support. An access point for health and safety reports, site visit updates and equipment testing results etc.


Xcel public websiteXcel Xecutive main website, product and service information.

xcel-van-layoutXcel Xecutive delivery van

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