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The Trilogiq Group

Date:26 Jun, 2018

Skills:Website Content Management, Design for Print, Social Media Marketing.

Client:The Tube and Bracket Company (TrilogiqUK )

The Trilogiq Group

Freelance designer and copywriter for The Trilogiq Group

TrilogiqUK (The Tube and Bracket Company)

From January 2015 – June 2018

Projects have been varied and interesting, including the image design and copywriting for website pages, news posts, case studies, social media,  flyers and advertisements. Collaboration on product catalogues and coordination of translations for global market. Creation of product database app.

See recommendation from Joe Jones on my LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/alisonhaysman

See examples of posts at:  https://tubeandbracket.com/news/

Coordination of translations and uploading to global websites. (15 languages)

Posting on website and social media

Content created for website and social media. Posted and shared on a regular basis to build up a following in a niche market.



Creating and editing content, image editing and layout ready for print. Translated into 10 languages with layout adjustments as required.


Brochures and catalogues

Product Flyers

Product Flyer - raised Dog bedsindusty-specfic-flyers


Infographics and support documentation for global marketing teams

Campaign infographic

Advertising on websites and social media



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